North Star Camera's

Advantix Film


Kodaks latest film number 240 for the Advanced Photo System (APS) was introduced in 1996. Using the tradename ADVANTIX, it is the first film from Kodak to incorporate traditional silver halide technology and a transparent magnetic recording medium (IX - Information eXchange) allowing the following information to be recorded and exchanged with the photofinisher:

Camera Recorded Data (if enabled)

shutter speed and f/stop
date and time
flash-fire indication
backlight indication
artificial-illumination indication
scene brightness value
exposure bias setting
camera orientation (horizontal/vertical)
partially exposed roll (for mid-roll change)
Customer Recorded Data (if camera enabled)

C, H, or P print format which are typically printed in the following sizes

C: Classic 4"x6"
H: HDTV 4"x7"
P: Panoramic 4"x11-1/2"

Number of prints of a frame to be made on the initial order text for backprinting onto the photo

"Print This Frame Regardless" indication
"Do Not Print This Frame" indication

Advanced Photo System also allows the following data to be read and recorded by the Certified Photofinisher:

order tracking and pricing
order time in and time out
printer exposure and color data
reorder data
reprint format change
customer instructions for density and color
lab equipment ID for quality control
attention flag for inspection by quality control specialist
remake flag (with correction data)
statistical information for the lab