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Welcome! To The North Star Classic Camera Collection. We have been collecting Cameras for quite some time. Our Camera's range from Box Camera's to SLR of the 1970's. Click on the Links below to view some of our cameras and a description of them. Most of our cameras are in full working order. About a Third came to us inoperable and I was able to restore them. A couple of them don't operate because a major part is broken and a replacement can not be found. I also restored a number of Japanese 35mm, rangefinder cameras from the 1960's and sold them so that they could be put back into use. We have been asked if we use our collectable cameras and the answer is YES. Finding Film is the hardest problem. You just can't go down to the local drug store and find a roll of 616 or 828 Film. However 120 film is still available. Many of the camera's use 620 film, which is not available, but we make our own rolls by re-rolling 120 film on to 620 reels.

Well guess that is about it, welcome to our web site and enjoy. Come back often as I will be adding sections on the History of Camera Companies and History of different film types.

And remember "A photographer takes pictures WITH his camera, A collector takes pictures OF his cameras"

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