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Radio's Of The 1930's
1934 GE Mod. M-50 (Work In Progress)
Chassis Almost Ready for Cabinet,(As Soon As I Refinish It)
1934 General Electric Mod. M-50 Tombstone Finished
Notice the Red Glowing, Broadcast/Shortwave Dial
1934 RCA Mod. 4T
Cathedral Style Wood Case on this Mid 30's RCA Radio
1938 Emerson Model R167 with Ingrahm Made Cabinet
This Radio only needed two new caps and polish
1938 Canadian General Electric Model H-50
This Radio Just Needed A Little Polish And It Was Ready To Display
1939 General Electric Model HJ624
"Art Deco" Curved Cabinet, Push Button Radio
1937 Emerson Model 171
Emerson Two Band Radio With Ingraham Designed Cabinet
1937 General Electric Radio Model E-52
This One Has An Interesting Dial Right In The Middle Of The Speaker
1939 Stewart Warner Model 91-512
Nice Stewart Warner Radio With A Ingraham Designed Cabinet
1939 Airline Radio Model 1508
This Is A Classic Radio. Designed My Belmont For Montgomery Wards
Mid 1930's Gloritone Radio Unk Model Number
Radio Made By U.S. Radio And Television Corp. Under Their Gloritone Brand Name
1933 Buckingham
I Still Need To Find Replacement Escurtcheons For The Dials To Finish This One
1937 Montgomery Ward's Airline Model 62-256
Nice Looking Radio, With A Interesting Dial And A "Tuning Eye" Tube
1937 Silvertone Model 4469
On This One, Someone Attempted Repair And Stopped Without Finishing. It Took Me Quite Awhile To Straighten It Out.

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