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1949 Hallicrafters Shortwave Radio
Hallicrafters Mod S40 Shortwave Receiver
1940 RCA Mod12X
1940 RCA Radio, Standard and "Police" Bands
1946 Airline Radio Model 54BR-1505A
Push Button Radio
1946 Automatic Radio
1946 Automatic "Portable" Radio. Battery or Plugin
1946 Air King Radio
1946 Air King Wood Cabinet Radio. Standard and Shortwave Broadcast Bands
1947 Hallicrafters Shortwave Radio
1947 Hallicrafters S38 Four Band Receiver
1947 Philco Model 47-204
1947 Philco Model 47-204 with "Leatherette" cover over wood cabinet
1948 Philco Mod. 48-200
Nice Little Ivory Painted, Bakelite Philco
1949 Zenith Mod 724
This is a very early AM-FM Radio, with a Great, Deep Sound
Mid 1940's Westinghouse Mod. N202
Broadcast and Shortwave Bands, Restoration From Start To Finish
1949 Emerson Portable Mod 569
Emerson Portable, Tube Radio, Only 4"X3"X8" When Closed
1949 Packard-Bell Radio, Mod. 501
"Stationized" Radio, Radio Call Letters Listed on the Dial
1946 Philco Mod 46-350
Wood "Wood Roll Top" that covers dial on this Philco Portable Radio
Mid 1940's Admiral Portable
Leather cover on this 1940's Portable "Suitcase" Radio Model P6
1941 Philco Model 41-235
This Radio Has Broadcast, Police, Amateur and "Night Aircraft" Bands
1940's Coradio Motel Pay Radio
Motel Pay Radio, 25 Cents for 2 hours
1947 Abbotwares Model 477
Rare, Abbotwares Horse Rearing Radio
1946 RCA Model 65X2
The Bakelite Cabinet Was Shot On This One, So After Patching It, I Painted It
1940 Motorola Multi-Band Radio Model 71A
This One Really Needed A Lot Of Work, But Came Out Looking Great
1949 General Electric Portable Radio Model 150
The Red And Black Paint Job That This Radio Got, Gave It A Real "Deco" Look
1940 Wards Airline Radio
I Dont' Know The Model Number On This One, Age Based On Tube Lineup
1940 Airline Radio Model 64BR-509
Another Belmont Designed "Art Deco" Radio For Montgomery Wards

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