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Thanks for Viewing my page. I Collect and restore Antique and Classic radios. I restore them electronically and refinish them, as needed. All are old "tube" type radios. I have approximately 60 radios in my collection. The oldest is a 1925 Stewart Warner Model 300 and a 1925 Atwater Kent Model 20. I always have four or five radios "waiting in the wings" for restoration. There are many reasons people collect and restore old radios. For me, I enjoy restoring a 40, 50 or 60 year old piece of history. There is nothing like the deep, mellow sound of a old tube radio.

Click on the links, bellow to view photos of some of my radios. While you are viewing them, think about someone 40 or 50 years ago, sitting around and listening to a old radio program.

View the Photos of some Great Old Radios..

Classic and Antique Radios
1949 Hallicrafters...Shortwave Radio
Hallicrafters Mod S40 Shortwave Receiver
1940 RCA Mod12X
1940 RCA Radio, Standard and "Police" Bands
1946 Airline Radio Model 54BR-1505A
Push Button Radio
1946 Automatic Radio
1946 Automatic "Portable" Radio. Battery or Plugin
1951 Zenith Consoltone Radio
1951 Zenith Art-Deco Style Consoltone Radio
1946 Air King Radio
1946 Air King Wood Cabinet Radio. Standard and Shortwave Broadcast Bands
1947 Hallicrafters Shortwave Radio
1947 Hallicrafters S38 Four Band Receiver
1950 General Electric Model 400
1950 General Electric Model 400
1951 General Electric Model 521f
1951 General Electric Clock Radio
1955 Zenith Trans-Oceanic Shortwave Radio
1955 Zenith Transoceanic Shortwave "Portable" Radio, Battery or Plugin
1947 Philco Model 47-204
1947 Philco Model 47-204 with "Leatherette" cover over wood cabinet
1955 Airline Clock Radio
Airline Clock Radio, with Nice White Cabinet
Me, Working in "My Little Corner OF The Garage"
It Usually is not this neat.
My "Assistant" Snowball
Ready To Take Notes For Me
1934 GE Mod. M-50 (Work In Progress)
Chassis Almost Ready for Cabinet,(As Soon As I Refinish It)
1934 General Electric Mod. M-50 Tombstone Finished
Notice the Red Glowing, Broadcast/Shortwave Dial
1948 Philco Mod. 48-200
Nice Little Ivory Painted, Bakelite Philco
1950 General Electric Mod. 405
Original Price was $32.95, for this Radio, in 1950
1953 Zenith Portable Radio
This is a AC-DC Radio, with Wave Magnet (Note the size of the Battery!)
1949 Zenith Mod 724
This is a very early AM-FM Radio, with a Great, Deep Sound
1950 Philco Mod. 522
Nice Bakelite Philco (Notice the change in the 1947, 1948 and 1950 Philco's, I have on this page)
1953 RCA Mod. 2-X-61 Radio
This Radio Has a Very Heavy Bakelite Case
Mid 1940's Westinghouse Mod. N202
Broadcast and Shortwave Bands, Restoration From Start To Finish
1949 Emerson Portable Mod 569
Emerson Portable, Tube Radio, Only 4"X3"X8" When Closed
1949 Packard-Bell Radio, Mod. 501
"Stationized" Radio, Radio Call Letters Listed on the Dial
1946 Philco Mod 46-350
Wood "Wood Roll Top" that covers dial on this Philco Portable Radio
1934 RCA Mod. 4T
Cathedral Style Wood Case on this Mid 30's RCA Radio
Mid 1940's Admiral Portable
Leather cover on this 1940's Portable "Suitcase" Radio Model P6
1925 Stewart Warner Model 300
This is a T.R.F. Receiver with a Mid 1920's Brandes Speaker
1938 Emerson Model R167 with Ingrahm Made Cabinet
This Radio only needed two new caps and polish
1950 RCA Model 9-x-561 Radio
Bakelite Case. Three Photos Showing Restoration
My Second "Assistant" Mulan
Checking out my work and approving (I hope)
The 1925 Stewart Warner, Start to Finish
Photos of the radio during restoration
1941 Philco Model 41-235
This Radio Has Broadcast, Police, Amateur and "Night Aircraft" Bands
1940's Coradio Motel Pay Radio
Motel Pay Radio, 25 Cents for 2 hours
1950 Zenith Model 921
Even Though This Radio Has A Handle, It Is Hardly A Portable
1951 Emerson Model 641
Very Strong Radio, Lots Of Volume. This Radio Gets Daily Use
1959 Marconia Model 439
The Wood Cabinet On This Radio, Finished Very Nice
1925 Atwater Kent Model 20
Atwater Kent Radio With A Sears Silvertone Horn Speaker
1938 Canadian General Electric Model H-50
This Radio Just Needed A Little Polish And It Was Ready To Display
1939 General Electric Model HJ624
"Art Deco" Curved Cabinet, Push Button Radio
1947 Abbotwares Model 477
Rare, Abbotwares Horse Rearing Radio
1958 Silvertone AM-FM Model 8013
This Radio Has Separate Dials And Controls For AM And FM
Before And After Photos Of Radios
Photos Of Radios Before And After I Restored Them
1937 Emerson Model 171
Emerson Two Band Radio With Ingraham Designed Cabinet
1946 RCA Model 65X2
The Bakelite Cabinet Was Shot On This One, So After Patching It, I Painted It
1940 Motorola Multi-Band Radio Model 71A
This One Really Needed A Lot Of Work, But Came Out Looking Great
Before And After Photos Of Radios Part 2
Photos Of Radios Before And After I Restored Them
1949 General Electric Portable Radio Model 150
The Red And Black Paint Job That This Radio Got, Gave It A Real "Deco" Look
Test Equipment In The Shop
Photos And Descriptions Of Some Of The Test Equipment I Use In Repairing Radios
1937 General Electric Radio Model E-52
This One Has An Interesting Dial Right In The Middle Of The Speaker
1940 Wards Airline Radio
I Dont' Know The Model Number On This One, Age Based On Tube Lineup
1958 General Electric Clock Radio
One Of The Last Of The Tube Radios, With A Nice "'50's" Design
1939 Stewart Warner Model 91-512
Nice Stewart Warner Radio With A Ingraham Designed Cabinet
1939 Airline Radio Model 1508
This Is A Classic Radio. Designed By Belmont For Montgomery Wards
1940 Airline Radio Model 64BR-509
Another Belmont Designed "Art Deco" Radio For Montgomery Wards
Mid 1930's Gloritone Radio Unk Model Number
Radio Made By U.S. Radio And Television Corp. Under Their Gloritone Brand Name
1933 Buckingham
I Still Need To Find Replacement Escurtcheons For The Dials To Finish This One
1937 Montgomery Ward's Airline Model 62-256
Nice Looking Radio, With A Interesting Dial And A "Tuning Eye" Tube
1937 Silvertone Model 4469
On This One, Someone Attempted Repair And Stopped Without Finishing. It Took Me Quite Awhile To Straighten It Out.
Before And After Photos Of Radios Part 3
Photos Of Radios Before And After I Restored Them
1939 Westinghouse Model WR2603
Very Nice Radio, That Restored Beautifully, Receives AM And Shortwave Bands
1956 Guild Model 484 "Spice Rack" Radio
Guild Made A Number Of Novielty Tube Radios In The 1950's. This One Looks Like A Spice Rack
1956 Guild Model 566 "The Country Belle Radio" Radio
Another Guild Novielty Tube Radio. This One Looks Like A Old Fashion Telephone. Lift The Ear Piece To Turn It On. Turn The Crank To Select The Stations.
1935 Belmont Model 401 Radio
Classic Mid 1930's Design, A Great Looking Radio
1947 Sears Silvertone Model 7054
Very Nice Wood Radio, With A Tenite Face Plate.
1936 General Electric Model E62
Nice Radio Now, Case Was Trashed When I Got It
Before And After Photos Of Radios Part 4
Photos Of Radios Before And After I Restored Them

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