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1928 Commemoratives

Valley Forge: 2 Cent Carmine Rose. In mid-December of 1777, Washington had withdrawn his troops to winter quarters at Valley Forge. The winter was bitter and his army was shrinking in size. Washington was dangerously short of all essential supplies. It was a low point for the American troops in that respect, however British General Howe was only twenty miles from Valley Forge and could easily have beaten the American Army. Fortunately, he never made his move, and Washington eventually relocated his troops.

Battle of Monmouth: 2 Cent Carmine. This stamp was issued to commemorate the heroine of the Battle of Monmouth. Mary "Molly" Ludwig was the wife of an infantry sergeant. During the battle she carried pitchers of water to the wounded soldiers, causing her to be nicknamed "Moly Pitcher". When her husband was wounded during the conflict. Molly took his place at the canon and fought during the balance of the battle.

Hawaiian Sesquicentennial: 2 Cent Carmine. These Hawaiian Sesquicentennial stamps are over-printed version of the Regular Series of 1922-26. They were issued to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the discovery of the Hawaiian Islands in 1788. They wre not issued outside Hawaii, which was just a territory.

Hawaiian Sesquicentennial: 5 Cent Dark Blue. This is one of the Hawaiian Sesquicentennial issues mentioned above.

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