Dave's United States Postage Stamp Collection

1939 Commemoratives

Tower of the Sun: 3 Cent Bright Purple. Issued in conjunction with the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco, and picturing the exposition's Tower of the Sun.

Trylon and Perisphere: 3 Cent Deep Purple. A special stamp for the 1939 New York Worlds's Fair, featuring two outstanding architectural creations at the fair.

Inauguration of Washington: 3 Cent Bright Red Violet. Honoring the 150th anniversary of George Washington's inauguration as the first U.S. Prisident in 1789.

Sandlot Baseball Game: 3 Cent Violet. Issued on the Centennial Celebration of Baseball, and first sold at Cooperstown, New Youk, site of baseball's hall of fame.

T. Roosevelt and Goethals: 3 Cent Deep Red Violet. Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal. Pictures Teddy Roosevelt, George Goethals and a ship in Gaillard Cut.

Stephen Days Press: 3 Cent Violet. Marking the 300th anniversary of the begining of printing in Colonial America. Shown is an orginal press from the 1600's.

Map of Dakotas, Montana and Washington: 3 Cent Rose Violet. Issued on the 50th Anniversary of statehood for North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Washington.

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