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1929 Commemoratives

George Rogers Clark: 2 Cent Carmine. Commemorates the 150th anniversary of George Rogers Clark's victory over the British at Fort Sackville (now Vincennes), Indiana. Due to this victory, the Treaty of Paris set the western boundary of the colonies at the Mississippi River,as opposed to the Ohio River.

Thomas Edison - Electric Light: 2 Cent Carmine Rose. This stamp was issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first incandescent electric light. Invented by Thomas Edison. Because of the Post Office policy never to portray a living person on a United States stamp, Edison's picture could not be shown on the stamp that honored him.

Thomas Edison- Electric Light: 2 Cent Carmine Rose. Because of the popular demand for the previous stamp, this new printing was made by rotary press.

Thomas Edison- Electric Light: 2 Cent Carmine Rose. This issue was created for use in vending machines and is a vertical coil (perforations on only 2 sides as opposed to 4).

Sullivan Expedition: 2 Cent Carmine Rose. Commemorates the 150th anniversary of Sullivan's expedition into New York State during the Revolutionary War. Sullivan and General James Clinton were instructed to "chastise and humble the Six Nations". In three weeks time, they destroyed more than 40 Indian villages as well as their crops.

Battle of Fallen Timbers: 2 Cent Carmine Rose. Honors General "Mad" Anthony Wayne and the 135th anniversary of the Battle of Fallen timbers. This battle ended Indian resistance in Northwest Ohio, secured the frontier and proved the stability and determination of the Federal government.

Ohio River Canalization: 2 Cent Carmine Rose. commemorates the completion of the Ohio River canalizatin between Cairo, Illinois and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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