Dave's United States Postage Stamp Collection

1936 Commemoratives

Texas Centennial: 3 Cent Purple. Celebrates Texas' independence from Mexico in 1836. Pictures the Alamo, Sam Houston and Stephen Austin.

Rhode Island Tercentenary: 3 Cent Purple. Issued on the 300th Anniversary of the settlement of Rhode Island. Pictured is Roger Williams, who led the colonists in establishing Providence.

Arkansas Centennial: 3 Cent Purple. Marks the 100th Anniversary of Arkansas' statehood, and pictures the "Old State House" in center, with the 1st settlement and Capitol to the sides.

Oregon Territory Centennial: 3 Cent Purple. Issued on the 100th Anniversary of the settling of the Old Oregon Territory as shown on map. Indian and covered wagon vignettes at the sides.

Susan B. Anthony: 3 Dark Violet. Picturing the leader of the movement for women's voting rights, this stamp was issued on the 16th Anniversrry of women'suffrage in America.

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