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1953 Commemoratives

National Guard: 3 Cent Bright Blue. Issued in recognition of the vital contributions the National Guard of the United States has made to this country in both peace and war.

Ohio Statehood: 3 Cent Chocolate. The Great Seal of the state of Ohio is superimposed over a map of the state in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Ohio's sdmission the Union.

Washington Territory: 3 Cent Green. Commemorates the 100th anniversary of the organization of the Washington territory, showing early pioneers gazing at the great expanse of water and a horizon jagged with mountains.

Louisiana Purchase: 3 Cent Violet Brown. This stamp was issued to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase, 1803.

Opening of Japan Centennial: 5 Cent Green. Commemorates the 100th anniversary of Commodore Matthew Perry's negotiations with Japan which opened her doors to foreign trade after more than two hundred years of isolation.

American Bar Association: 3 Cent Rose Violet. A special stamp commemorating the 75th anniversary of the American Bar Association and depicting four figures representing "Wisdom", "Justice", "Divine Inspiration" and "Truth".

1953 Commemoratives

Sagamore Hill: 3 Cent Yellow Green. Commemorates the opening of Sagamore Hill as a national shrine. It was the home of Theodore Roosevelt at Oyster Bay, New York.

Future Farmers: 3 Cent Deep Blue. The 25th anniversary of the Future Farmers fo America is commemorated with this issue which depicts a typical farm scene.

Trucking Industry: 3 Cent Violet. Issued to commemorate the 50th anniversry of the Trucking Industry in the United States by picturing a country farm scene connected by a highway in a distant city.

General Patton: 3 Cent Blue Violet. Issued in honor of General George S. Patton, Jr. The stamp illustrates two U.S. Army tanks in action.

New York City: 3 Cent Bright Red Violet. An artist's conception of the town of New Amsterdam during the period of its early settlement is the design for this issue which celebrates the 300th anniversary of New York City.

Gadsden Purchase: 3 Cent Copper Brown. This stamp was issued to commemorate the 100th anniversary of James Gadsden's purchase of territory from Mexico to adjust the U.S.-Mexican border.

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