Dave's United States Postage Stamp Collection

1967 Commemoratives

Davy Crockett: 5 Cent Green, Black and Yellow. Issued to honor the U.S. frontiersman, politician and hunter, who's actions in Congress and at the Alamo (where he died) earned him recognition in American Folklorel.

Twin Space Commemorative Stamps: 5 Cent Multicolored. Issued in conjunction with NASA's ninth anniversary. The design features an astronaut in space with his capsuel. These two stamps were originally issued attached. Both designs celebrate the accomplishments of the National Aeronaqutics and Space Administration.

Urban Planning: 5 Cent Dark Blue, Light Blue and Black. Issued in connection with the International Conference of the American Institue of Planners, it publicizes the importance of urban planning and development.

Finnish Independence: 5 Cent Blue. Honors the tradition of friendship between the United States and Finland and commemorates the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Finland by Marshall Gustav Mannerheim.

Thomas Eakins: 5 Cent Gold and Multicolored. Rembners American painter Thomas Eakins, who portrayed scenes on canvas with photograph brilliance. This issue pictures "The Biglin Brothers Racing" which now hangs in the National Gallery of Art.

Christmas: 5 Cent Multicolored. The sixth U.S. Christmas issued utilizes the same disign as the previous year, the "Madonna and Child with Angels" by Hans Memling. But the design is nearly twice as large as the original stamp, so the rich details of the painting can be seen.

Mississippi Statehood: 5 Cent Multicolored. Commemorates the 100th anniversary of the admission of Mississsippi to the Union as our twentieth state in 1817.

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