Dave's United States Postage Stamp Collection

1936-1937 Commemoratives

Army Commemoratives

Washington and Greene: 1 Cent Green. First in 5 stamp series honoring Army heroes. Pictured are Revoluntionary War Generals George Washington and Nathanael Greene, pluse Mount Vernon.

Jackson and Scott: 2 Cent Carmine. Army Commemarative showing Generals Andrew Jackson and Winfield Scott, who first achieved fame during the War of 1812. Also shown is Jackson's home.

Sherman, Grant, Sheridan: 3 Cent Purple. Three famous Civil War Generals for the Union Army are seen... William Sherman, Ulysses S.Grant and Philip Sheridan.

Lee and Jackson: 4 Cent Gray. Pictured are two famous Civil War Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. In the background is Lee's ancestral home "Stratford Hall".

U.S. Military Academy: 5 Cent Ultramarine. The West Point, New York, academy's Washington Hall, North Cadet Barracks, Chapel and Old Observatory are seen on this stamp.

1936-1937 Commemoratives

Navy Commemoratives

Jones and Barry: 1 Cent Green. Two of America's Revolutionary War naval heros are found on this stamp...John Paul Jones and John Barry...along with vessels of their command.

Decatur and MacDonough: 2 Cent Carmine. Stephen Decatur and Thomas MacDonough, naval officers during the War of 1812, are pictured with a war ship of the era.

Farragut and Porter: 3 Cent Purple. American Navy Admirals David Faragut and David Porter, heros of the Civil War, are honored on this 3 Cent Navy Commemorative.

Sampson, Dewey, Schley: 4 Cent Gray. Three naval officers with distinguished service in the Spanish-American War are found here...William Sampson, George Dewey and Winfield Scott Schley.

U.S. Naval Academy: 5 Cent Ultramarine. The Annapolis, Maryland, academy is represented on this stamp with the school's offical seal, and cadets of early days and in the 1930's.

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